How to Create a Link in a Facebook Status Update

by Amy Scott
Link your Facebook photo post to relevant external content.

Link your Facebook photo post to relevant external content.

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Adding a link to your Facebook status update allows you to share a Web page that you think would be of interest to your Facebook friends.You can also use a link to promote a website that you own or simply support.When you enter the URL of a Web page into your Facebook posting field,Facebook automatically links it to the page and adds an image and short preview of the Web page to help catch your friends' interest and add visual appeal to the post.


Open a new window your Web browser and navigate to in to your account using the form in the upper right corner.


Click on your name in the navigation bar at the top of the page to go to your profile.


Click inside the text field marked"What's on Your Mind,"which is located right above your Facebook wall.Type the status update that you want to include with the link.Type or paste the URL of the Web page that you want to share into the text field.Include the"http://"section of the URL.


Press the spacebar and wait while Facebook automatically links the URL and adds a preview image and paragraph to the link.Click the blue"Post"button to update your Facebook status with the link.


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