What Happens After You Lose a Lawsuit to a Credit Card Company?

by Mack Mitzsheva
Your debts can quickly undermine your business's profitability.

Your debts can quickly undermine your business's profitability.

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Credit cards can provide an additional payment option for business owners,but those cards come with certain risks.据《福布斯》杂志报道,nearly all major credit card issuers require the business owner to personally guarantee the credit card debt.If you lose a lawsuit to a credit card company,它可能会使您的业务和个人资产处于风险之中。


Once you lose a lawsuit to the credit card company,法官将对你作出判决。This judgment is a final decree that states your liability for the debt sought by the credit card company and specifies the amount of money you owe.It makes you legally responsible for payment of that debt.The judgment also gives the credit card company the ability to lay claim to certain of your assets to satisfy the judgment debt.


如果你被判有罪,the credit card company may be able to place a lien on property that your business owns,including real estate and company vehicles.The credit card company may also be able to seize money in your company's bank accounts up to the amount of the judgment.If you personally guaranteed the debt,信用卡公司可能会在你的个人银行账户里查封你的钱,留置你的个人财产,甚至扣押你从工作中获得的工资的一部分,depending upon state law.

Statute of Limitations

How long the credit card company has to pursue you for the judgment debt depends on your state's statute of limitations on judgments.In Pennsylvania,for instance,this statutory limitation is four years.In Maine it's 20 years.During this period,the credit card company can seek to collect the debt from you.Once this period expires,the credit card company can no longer seize your assets.However,certain states permit judgment owners to renew the judgment one or more times.


A judgment can follow you for many years,so it's best to deal with it sooner rather than later.To avoid the seizure of your property,consider contacting the credit card company and paying off the judgment debt.If you can't pay it all at once,ask if the credit card company will permit you to make installment payments.If the company accepts a payment arrangement and you fail to adhere to the agreement,the creditor may simply decide to seize your assets instead.

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