Legal Hiring Questions

Going into an interview,hiring managers should know what's legal to ask and what's not.

Going into an interview,hiring managers should know what's legal to ask and what's not.


Interviewees have rights.有些事情面试官不能问。Employers cannot discriminate against applicants based on race,religion,sex,credit history,union membership,participation in demonstrations and many other factors,such as dishonorable military discharge.Questions asked regarding these things count as intent to discriminate,and you do not have to answer them.规则改变了,however,once someone has been hired.


雇主可能不会询问潜在雇员的年龄,sex or religion on any application,or during any interview.However,once they have been hired,an employer may ask for proof of birth certificate.性别或性别的一个例外是,如果存在真正的职业资格。Employers may ask about availability.一旦一个人被雇佣,they are still not required to disclose sex or religion.


Potential employers may ask,如果申请人被聘用,whether he can provide proof of citizenship.雇主可能不会,however,向员工询问原产国。They may ask whether the potential employee has the legal right to remain permanently in the U.S.or intends to become a citizen.The point here is to negate discrimination based on heritage.一旦一个人被雇佣,an employer may ask for proof of citizenship.


Laws regarding criminal records vary by state.Typically,you can ask about convictions that may relate to the job.例如,you could ask whether a potential employee would be able to get a security clearance.雇主可能不会问,and applicants are not required to provide information,about arrests that didn't lead to a conviction,or about involvement in demonstrations.

Disability,Health History,Children

Potential employers may not ask about an applicant's health history,任何残疾,or how many children she has and what ages they are.They also may not ask whether an applicant has any intention of becoming pregnant or having more children.一旦一个人被雇佣,she may need to fill out tax or insurance forms,比如W-2,that will ask about marital status.These forms may also ask how many dependents she has.An employer does have the right to ask whether an applicant has any handicap that would interfere with their work.


There are a host of other things employers may not ask about.例如,potential employers cannot ever ask about credit history,even after they have hired someone.Nor may they ask about emergency contacts until after someone has been hired.In addition,they may not ask for photos before hiring an applicant.Questions of height,重量,race or color are also off limits.Before interviewing a potential employee,招聘经理应审查当地和联邦法律,确保他们的问题是可以接受的。m88官方网站

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